About me

An introvert, a day dreamer and a procrastinator when it comes to hitting the gym. I spent a good amount of time in the corporate world before taking a break to focus on my health while perusing my hobbies of photography and writing (and making a few bucks thanks to the kind friends who believe in me).

When I am not photographing or editing the photos, I am cooking. I love cooking as much as I love photography.

I am a vegetarian and I am against animal cruelty.  I am not religious however there are some basics of Hinduism and Jainism which I do try follow – compassion for all and non violence.

This blog is primarily about my travel experiences, photography and culinary journey.

All the literary and visual work here completely belongs to me. In case you wish to use the information or references from the blog, please mention proper credits or use pingbacks.

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P.S: In case if you are wondering why the name ‘The Wandering Sweet Potato’ then you should know that ‘sweet’ refers to me (Madhura means the sweet one). I guess the rest is pretty self explanatory 🙂

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