The probability of a coincidence

What’s the probability of having the same co-passenger on a return journey?

Wait… let me rephrase the question.

What’s the probability of meeting them again on the return journey when your destinations are different, where each bogie in the train has a sitting capacity of approx 100 passengers and there are at least 20 bogies to the train, where you spend half of your journey dozing – probably missing out a lot of action on your way and yet you meet the person. Not just catch a glimpse but actually meet and exchange smiles.


On my return journey from Madgaon to Mumbai in a Janshatapdi express I met the same man who had traveled with us in the same compartment of a sleeper coach with his wife and 1 year old daughter . They got down at Sindhudurg station where as we got down at Karwar. Mind you neither of us boarded back the train from the destination stations of our first journey. He was walking across the aisle from one bogie to another with his daughter when we met again.

Really, what’s the probability of this to happen? Doesn’t it make you feel that such amazing coincidences are staged by the universe?