Beyond Fleeting sights


Open all your senses!

Listen to the prayers echoing through the valley…

Feel the chill that comes with a breeze in the hills on a dull, overcast afternoon.

Do you see a monastery in the distance?

If you look a little longer you might as well see some monks with butter tea pots.

The wind is carrying their chants and if you listen carefully you will hear them mixed with the sounds of chirping birds and a flowing river.

Yet you find the whole village strangely silent, don’t you?

So silent that it feels abandoned.

But it is clearly not. There’s a green field next to one house, a bike parked hastily next to another.

But there’s no movement in the village.

Don’t you feel curious? Don’t you feel like solving the mystery of this silent hamlet?

Maybe if you go a little south of the village you’ll find the answer.

Where you’ll find everyone having a mini midday outing by the river.

You are free to envy their simple lives filled with scenic surroundings.

But know that it comes with a price. A price your cluttered, materialistic life cannot afford. So you realize that envying is fruitless.

Finally, open your heart to absorb all the goodness of these prayers and the sight of simple joys.

Because without that my friend, such encounters are nothing more than fleeting sights.


  1. lovely words and fascinating portrayal … thanks Madhura 🙂