A bunch of tiny happy souls welcomed us as we entered one of the most rural and untouched parts of Arunachal Pradesh, India. It was a lovely, idyllic hamlet tucked away in the eastern Himalayas, made up of a handful of medieval stone houses and was full of kids gleaming with profound enthusiasm and curiosity. These kids took us to a tall stone house that was probably used as a jail once upon a time. Now used to dry maize ears by the villagers and as a not so secret hangout place by the kids, this dark room was full of intriguing objects. The eldest of them proudly showed us their collectibles – an ancient Buddha mural, a lord Ganesh idol, a cracked porcelain pot and a bulb. The younger ones were completely in the awe of their treasure. Sure they must have seen them a hundred times already but that was not enough to satisfy their curiosity. Their eyes clearly said that their imaginations were already running wild. I felt envious of them. I wish I could indulge once in a while in legends and feed them with my own imagination. I wish my curiosity was not so blunted out by such easy access of information. I wish I could see what they were seeing. Nevertheless, seeing them captivated in the moment was absolutely heart-warming and something to cherish.

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