Mini memoirs: Anu homestay, Bomdila

We decided to break our journey from Tawang to Guwahati at Bomdila( Arunachal Pradesh, India) and stayed in Anu homestay for the night. Our room was spacious, cozy and had a traditional wood fire heater. Tejas had his share of fun experimenting and mastering the art of keeping the fireplace on.

Our hosts- Tashi uncle and his wife Tenzin Aunty were extremely warm and welcoming. After visiting the market in the evening we realized that there were no good options to dine out so we decided to cook our own dinner. Both of them were more than happy to let us use their kitchen. We had a great time interacting with them, knowing more about local culture and lifestyle, their encounter with tourists across the globe and how they love inviting people inside their house rather than just providing them rooms to stay. They were happy to try the sev puri and Mumbai sandwich that we prepared and also took down the recipe of green chutney from us. They proudly told us that they learned to make kanda poha from the guests from Maharashtra a few weeks ago. Tenzin Aunty loves to learn dishes from other regions and tries to cook them whenever she gets a chance.

We were here only for one night’s stay however whatever little time we spent with them felt like a family time.

Bomdila is not a famous tourist destination and most of the people visit it to break their journeys to/from Tawang. It is a small town that faces winter most of the year and is nestled in the eastern Himalayas at a height of approx 7K ft. But in this cold rural town, I became part of a family that gathered across a fireplace in the kitchen to chat, knit, chop potatoes while sipping on cups of hot tea.

Here we received kindness to warm our hearts and infinite tea to warm our tummies. Bomdila isn’t a cold place for me anymore.

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