Street Photography and me -2

The ongoing #10yearschallenge inspired me to revisit old photos from my digicam phase. I honestly miss my old compact camera when it comes to photographing on the streets. It’s size would make me invisible in the crowd as opposed to the DSLR which now attracts so much attention.

Anyway! Enjoy this nostalgic ride. The photos may not be top notch with respect to resolution or composition… But they have a very special place in my heart. These photos remind me of my love for street photography which has taken a backseat in the last few years. Whether to blame it on the size of camera or the sheer laziness gained with age or anything else… One thing is sure- I have to hit back the streets with a camera real soon.

All of these photos share a common sentiment. The brutality of time.

millenium city of india

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Have you lost the spark or interest in any of your passions or hobbies over the last decade? Do let me know in the comments section. A little encouragement is sometimes enough to pursue them again! 🙂


  1. Wow, how gorgeous post. I love Your photos very much. Thank You sharing them,

    Have a good day!

  2. Very nice images , i like it very much.

  3. So beautiful . Feels like walking along with you in those places… Amazing.

  4. very beautifully captured !! Street photography has its own charm. Though I am not much into photography, but these clicks are definitely worth the view. Black and white photos have sense of nostalgia to it.

    Well written and photographed !!


    • Thanks Prashant! I completely agree that black and white is the most effective form of reflecting nostalgia.

  5. Beautifully photographed !!

  6. Your narrative short sells the composition. I love these.

  7. Marvelous captures! You should get back to street photography soonest!

  8. I still use compact zoom despite having the big one! Most of the pictures I share are from this one. I feel these are simply tools for our hobby. DSLR allows one to go creative and have more control, that’s it. The advantage with a compact camera is that I don’t end up clicking large image sizes which will eat memory when my intention is only to share it with the world.

  9. These are beautiful! I agree with you, the easier life gets, the more complacent we become.

  10. The photos are really so amazing. Each one can inspire a hundred stories.

  11. Excellent photos! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Nice Photography – keep up the good work. Blog is full of awesome photos. Nice set of eyes you have 🙂

  13. Awesome post and clicks.

  14. Nice photos. Keep it up!

  15. Wowwww!
    This is absolutely stunning🌈
    Do check my blog for some recent photography posts

  16. Beautifully photographed !Keep it up! 🙂

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    Love every part of this, this shot inspire me so much. I wanted to took some photos like this too someday. Thanks