Sometimes I wonder, what does it mean when they say ‘…and they lived happily ever after!’

Does it mean that they never suffered any emotional wreckage?

Does it mean that all of their prayers were answered and dreams were fulfilled?

Does it mean that their life thereafter was totally smooth or uneventful?

Does lack of obvious sadness suffice to fill one’s world with happiness?

Don’t we need more than that to be happy?

How about acceptance?

An elderly fisher couple enjoying evening sunshine on a bench by their little cottage. clicked at Murud, India

Every once in a while, we come across people who radiate happy vibes with their infectious smiles. We may ask them the secret behind their everlasting smile and they may say ‘God has been kind to us’. Despite going through the most unimaginable kind of hardships or heartbreaks, these souls decide to move on with only gratitude and acceptance. This very kindness towards themselves, their fate, their surroundings makes them the people that define ‘happily ever after.’

Without acceptance, if you think, happiness can simply feel like a mirage.


  1. This picture is absolutely perfect for this post! Looking at elderly couples & lifelong friends, I’ve wondered so many times whether their lives were so perfect, that they remained so close, so in-love, for so long. Didn’t they have any problems? Will we ever be lucky enough to find someone like that?

    I guess “acceptance” is the answer to all of the questions you’ve posed. 🙂

  2. <3 Beautiful. Good luck in growing into these people, everybody.