Ajanta and Ellora caves : Monuments of a lost civilization

I would like to share some of the photos that I clicked at Ajanta, Ellora and Aurangabad caves in Maharashtra, India during our visit in December 2019 on the occasion of world photography day. Ajanta and Ellora caves need no introduction. These world heritage sites are equally sought after by regular tourists, historians, archeologist and photographers across the world since house some of the most magnificent sculptures and paintings known in the human history.

When we visited these caves, my prime focus was on understanding the history and architectural details of the place. Little did I know I would learn more about it through the artwork. They say that the sculptures and paintings of Ajanta and Ellora speak with the seeker and I cannot agree more. In fact, The lesser popular Aurangabad caves too host some of the most intriguing structures and provide profound insights about the caves culture of these earlier civilizations.

Black and white photography works like a magic when it comes to bringing out the architectural details and intricacies of carvings of sculptures. Hope these photos do the justice to the beauty and divinity of these monuments. Let them take you back in time and show you the glory of this lost civilization that flourished right at the heart of India.

Ajanta caves
Sculptures outside one of the caves at Ajanta
Ajanta caves
Sculpture of a dancer inside one of the caves at Ajanta
Ellora caves
detailing on a pillar at the jain caves of Ellora
sculpture of Maya, Aurangabad caves
Mini kailasa
Mini kailasa temple – a mini version of the great kailasa temple at the jain caves of Ellora
Kailasa temple
The magnificent Kailasa temple, Ellora
Sculpture at Ajanta caves
Sculptures at one of the caves at Ajanta
Indra Riding Elephant, Ellora
The meditative buddha statue, Ellora

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  1. The photographs are so stunning.. !!

  2. Great captures. B&W makes them timeless!