South India – Emerald & Gold

These are some of the photos from my multiple South India trips. South India is an amazing blend of man-made and natural beauty. There are interesting color patterns that define every place. When I think about south India, I see green and gold or Ocher… or shades of these colors. Enjoy the colors and beauty of this absolutely enchanting part of India…
A temple in Kanchipuram – one of the most sacred cities in India. It is known as a city of temples. It is also famous for its hand woven silk fabrics
On our way to Valparai.
a highway in Tamilnadu
somewhere around Coimbatore.
Kailasnathar temple in Kanchipuram
Temple in Kanchipuram
Ekambareshwar temple in Kanchipuram
Brihadeeshwar temple at Thanjavur. It is a world heritage site.
Brihadeeshwar temple
Paykara lake near Ooty
Masinagudi. This place is an open land right in the middle of a dense jungle
IMG_2945 copy
A tea garden near Valparai.


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  2. We haven’t been able to explore South India much… Your posts and pictures are like a virtual tour and a teaser too🙆🙆 look forward to more. Cheers, Charu and Ashish

    • Oh I am glad! In case you haven’t explored it much, you must visit 🙂 It is very beautiful!
      Thank you for following! 😀

  3. Love the photos! I’m planning a trip to South India this summer, do you have any tips? 😊

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 Which part of South India are you planning to visit?

      • Coimbatore, Isha yoga center, Ooty, Kochi, we are still planning so hope it all goes well 🙂 Do you know and have any tips about the mentioned places?

        • Coimbatore is centrally located and provides good options to visit within a range of 100-150 Kms one of them being Ooty. If you are not on a tight schedule, you may travel further through the Mudumalai forest and can stay and do a jungle safari in Masinagudi. I am not sure about Tiger but you may spot wild elephants, bisons, bears etc. There are couple more hill stations like Valparai , Wayanad within the same 100km range from Coimbatore. Do check out these options too. It is best to avoid the tea factories or spice gardens etc.
          If you are looking for good authentic south Indian food then Sarvana bhavan / Aaryaas are the places to be. They serve awesome veg. south Indian food.
          In Kochi, fort Kochi is the area where you might wish to stay due to its historic colonial kind of setting, lots of pop up cafes and shops, good variety of would cuisine and antiques. Do check out a cafe called Kashi art cafe. You’ll like it. Kochi is a super hot and humid place so be prepared for that, unless you reach here post May. Then the monsoons would start and it should be relatively pleasant. South India is absolutely beautiful in the monsoons (End of May onward).
          Lastly, while hiring auto rickshaws or cabs (other than Ola/Uber) or buying stuff from popup shops, antique shops etc. make sure you bargain good. Language can be a huge barrier here though a lot of people understand basic English. The buses have numbers and name plates in local languages so you may need some local help if you are planning to use the public transport. 🙂
          Hope this helps! Have a safe and pleasant trip 🙂