This series covers some of my street photographs from various locations along with the stories behind them. The stories are largely based on experience with some part based on interpretations. Of course, when it comes to interpretations, there can be infinite possibilities to the stories. If these pictures tickle your imagination, feel free to share your thoughts! 🙂

travel blog manali
As we were taking a lazy stroll through the lanes of upper Manali we came across two massive bullet bikes. The bikes were intimidating us. They were telling us that those petty strolls wont show us the real deal. To explore the unexplored heights, we should dare to ride them. But all we could do was to sigh away at them in admiration. The locals, accustomed to such reactions, read our expressions well and sipped away their hot tea while smiling at us mockingly. [clicked at Manali, Himachal Pradesh India]
temple dog dharamshala
A dog sleeps peacefully right in the middle of the stairs of a Buddhist temple. The devotees pass by without disturbing him. Harmony works through the subtlest gestures. [clicked at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India]
kerala travel blog
A bicycle was lying by a rustic door somewhere in a small town of Kerala, India. The door belonged to a tiny house abandoned supposedly a long time ago. The bicycle parked in front of it most probably by some delivery boy from a nearby shop greeted the abandoned house and said, “this too shall pass”. [clicked at Kerala, India]
Posted by:Madhura Doshi

An avid story lover, photographer and home chef. Loves cats , music, food and traveling.

3 replies on “Street photography & me -1

    1. Absolutely true! I love the idea of just documenting life as it happens in front of you and keeping the interpretations up to the viewers 🙂

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