February, 2012

I watched the white sands of Havelock Island disappear into the afternoon haze as our passenger ship roared away from it into the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. I clicked a few photos before settling down in the lower deck. It was going to be a long uneventful journey and I had practically nothing to do. Back in those days, phones were not smart so passing the time wasn’t as easy as it is today. There was no scarcity of company to converse with. I had my friend, my father and a large group of pesky senior citizens with whom we had tagged along. But I wasn’t really up for any conversation and wanted to nap instead. Some of the overzealous ladies from our group thought otherwise and kept me up with their loud gossip and high pitched giggles.

The vacation that my friend and I had hoped to be a life altering, vivacious experience, to our dismay, had turned out to be just a mediocre trip with magnificent seascapes. We were two 24 year olds stuck in a group of cranky senior citizens who weren’t particularly looking for any kind of adventurous activities. They cribbed endlessly creating much unwanted negativity around us. My father, fortunately, was not one of them but he was kind of down with the extreme weather change and coughing. Nevertheless, he had gained quite some popularity among the group and seemed to be enjoying the trip more than I did.

Finally, I decided to pen down my thoughts and experiences. I had so many things to write yet I ended up writing about the frustration of being among wrong set of people. I could have written about all the fun things like snorkeling for the first time in my life, biking across the narrow laid back streets of Havelock or watching the most beautiful sunset ever. But, as if being infected by the negativity of the constant complaining and gossiping of my fellow travelers, I too was cribbing in my little diary.

A beautiful sunset from Andaman Nicobar Islands

The moment of truth hits you right in the middle of nowhere. There I was- floating in the vastness, carrying an unnecessary burden of dreams and disappointments, blaming it on people around me, playing a victim. There was a sadist pleasure in all the whining. My disappointments were petty so were my dreams and while writing them down, I realized what excessive drama I was feeding to my mind. And then I realized, it wasn’t just about this trip. It had been like that forever, in fact now too, even after having this great realization half a decade ago, I still suffer the same emotional unrest. One simply can not run away from the negativity of others. Yes, it does affect us but we can mindfully turn down the internal melodrama if we wish to. Easier said than done, eh? I know!

The moment of truth hits you right in the middle of nowhere.
A little perspective is all we need.

I got carried away in my thoughts and had stopped writing long time ago when my friend checked upon me. We bitched about the oldies, cracked a few mean jokes and laughed heartily at the idea of we ourselves turning into irritating old ladies in a few years.

These photos from Andaman bring back all those good, bad and boring memories and put my current life into perspective.

What is a good life, really?

Posted by:Madhura Doshi

An avid story lover, photographer and home chef. Loves cats , music, food and traveling.

20 replies on “Mini Memoir – Postcards from Andaman

  1. These are some excellent captures, Madhura. Just the name of Andaman brings out so much from my treasured memories, I just can’t have enough of it, I am so much in love with every part of Andaman. Your boring journey with the incessant negative gossipers may have turned your ship journey little different but I am sure you loved anything other than that. As you say about your journey to Havelock on the ship, so do I remember my journey where we the family of a fellow passenger with a bunch of kids making the beautiful journey too much noisy and messy with the mother sometimes running after the kids sometimes snoring while lying down of the deck. It was amusing as well as annoying. Now when I remember its no more irritating but just an enjoyable funny moment.

    1. Thanks a lot arv! Andaman islands are truly mesmerizing! One is bound to fall in love with their beauty 🙂

  2. What is a good life? 🙂 For some is not achievable, while others find it in a nutshell, just by waking up every morning, wherever they may be.

    This is a good transfer of your realisation amongst magnificent photos. Let it serve you well!

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